Exhibit Credits

The Cryptid critter crawl

The Cryptid Critter Crawl couldn't have been made without the amazing contributions, creative support, and vocal styling of these talented and oddball people.


About the artist

Owen Lowery is a Pittsburgh based interactive artist with a mission to create situations that foster intrinsic curiosity in children and adults alike. His practice involves creating interactives that lure people into acts of exploratory play. Owen prioritizes Universal Design in his work, hoping that all people—regardless of age, height, ability, or disability—may engage in a meaningful way.


You can find interactive exhibits by him locally at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and in Mario Lemieux Foundation Play Rooms at several hospitals.



Audio tour Voices

Candice Fisher //  Social Media Hivemind

Whitney French  //  Rowan Undergrowth, Intern # 2

Rebecca Grabman  //  Old Timey Explorer

                                   Tapered Jane PhD MD

Zoe Gryniewicz //  Child Scientist - Imani Smarts

Owen Lowery //  Audio Tour Host, Mr. Soundman,

                         Building Inspector, Corduroy Jones

Mónica Méndez  //  Social Media Hivemind, Intern # 3

Lacey Murray  //  JW Snitch-N-Stitch

Zena Ruiz  //  Gigi Just-Gigi

Eric Rummel  //   Squatchalist - Dr. Hairybottoms,

                          Intern #1

K. Shabazz  //  Museum Bigwig, Dr. Professor Children

Rex Lizarondo Shannon //  Arlo Vasques

Jenna Shuknecht //  Charlie Spectacles


Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Outdoor footprint team

Jiashun Fang

Greg Witt

Greg Russo

Carina Kooiman

Josh Romo

Lacey Murray


with additional Art Team advisement from:

Anne Fullenkamp & Zena Ruiz

Super-tremendous gratitude to

Lacey Murray, creative wrangler extraordinaire.


The imaginative feedback and vision of Rebecca Grabman's brain matter.


The Sharon B. Lowery Fund for Wayward Late Thirty-Somethings


Parents... most of all of them everywhere.


2020 (sort of), for forcing artists to figure out ingenuitive ways of bringing artwork outdoors and to many more people (and for absolutely nothing else you meany pandemic year you!)